Video Editor for Android without Watermark

If you have an Android device and want to make a short video on your device without a watermark for free, then this is the best guide for video editors for Android without a watermark. Once you’ve taken a video with your Android smartphone, you’ll need to edit it to look great.

You must need a video editor app to edit those videos before posting & making them look more professional.

In this article, we will introduce five best android apps to edit videos filmed by your Android phone without a watermark.

Best Android Video Editor Apps

Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Clip is the free video editor app for you. Adobe is not a new name in the video editing. Their Adobe Premiere Pro is the premier professional grade video editing software for Desktops. In Android, Adobe Clip app comes with a very basic video editing options.

After logging in, you can create a project by adding and editing your video clips in a sequence. Adobe Premier Clip comes with a lot of advanced options. You can create videos without water mark on videos.

Adobe Premiere Clip is a simple video editor for Android, if you want to clip, merge or join in two clips with single background music.

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This is one of the better video editing applications in the Play Store. This app lets you edit videos on the go and create original content with a few tapes. You can see the instant preview of how to look.

You can add multiple videos and audio to combine it. For mobile centric users, specially developed for vloggers and a solution on the go. This app doesn’t create water mark on videos.

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VUE: Video Editor & Camcorder

VUE: Video Editor & Camcorder video editor app doesn’t seems like a video editor at all. Here you can start recording directly and then edit it in the app. You have a choice to add cinematic grade filters, change the video frame format, etc. The editing interface gives you all the basic editing tools pretty much straight forward.

This video editor app is good for stickers on professional filters and stickers for social media posts. And also not stick any watermark on videos.

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Quik By GoPro

This video editing application is only available in a list of only 1080p videos with over 60 frames.The app’s interface is very straightforward, where you need to select photos & videos from the media list and start editing.

At the end of the video that you have provided, you will get Gopro Outro, which you will need to discontinue before the video is provided. GoPro is great for those who like to capture & share their little action videos on the go with filter presets & animations.

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This is the best way possible multi-functional video editor that makes small movies. By using this tool, you can add images and videos to your project. Everyone can use it to create a unique and stunning video instantly.

BeeCut is a great video editor that provides filters, crops, cutting, rotating, and transitions and many other useful editing features. Also no watermark on videos.

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