How to Use Fingerprint to Unlock Your Android Mobile

You can use your fingerprint to unlock your Android smartphone. The fingerprint is a new way to lock and unlock your device and its apps.

Here we provided how to set up, change and remove Fingerprint in any android mobile.



What is Fingerprint Lock

This basically refers to a pin code lock alternative. If you use your fingerprint as a screen lock method, your fingerprint cannot be used to unlock the screen for the first time after turning on the device.

Fingerprints are the easiest way to unlock your phone. But fingerprint may be less secure than strong pin, pattern or password.

Fingerprint fails to recognize your finger and asks you to try again. After three unsuccessful attempts, you must enter your master password.


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Setup Fingerprint in Android Phone

  • First, open settings menu on your android mobile.
  • Then tap on the Security option.
  • Next, Choose¬†the option Screen lock.
  • Now tap on the Fingerprint lock option
  • In this step, That ask backup lock option Pattern, PIN, Password

password option

  • Set your¬†Pattern, PIN, Password Lock.
  • Once done, You will see Fingerprint option and Place your finger on the fingerprint sensor.
  • Next, Move your finger slightly to add all the different parts of your finger.


  • Continue pressing the sensor several times until it shows completed.
  • After that, Tap Done or Add another to add another fingerprint.



Remove Fingerprint in Android Mobile

Here you can easily Remove or Delete Fingerprint in any Android Phone. Changing fingerprint means just delete and add a new fingerprint.

  • Go to Settings > Security > Screen lock > Fingerprint lock.
  • Next, enter the secondary lock you have set.
  • Then, tap the fingerprint you want to Remove and select Delete.

Note: If you can not find the above options, Just type “Fingerprint Lock” on the search box in settings.




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