Speed Up Android When Running Slow

Is your Android mobile running slow? It’s a common problem for every Android phone user. Here are the best solutions to Speed up the Android phone.

Check out this page for the best solutions to speed up android mobile.



Free up some space

All Android apps use Cached data to give the better experience to the user. Cached data will improve the performance of the mobile app.

But sometimes over cached data may cause slow down your mobile. In that situation, you must delete cached data from your android mobile.

You can delete cached data from settings menu or you can delete with help of Android app.

To clear the cached data, go to Settings > Storage and tap Cached data or Trash Cleaner.

You can also delete single app cache data.



Disable Animations

Animations make your mobile look very nice. But they cause slow down your mobile.

  • First, enable Developer Options.
  • Then, go to Settings > Developer Options.
  • After that, turn off below animation options.
  • Transition animation scaleWindow animation scale,  and Animator duration scale.

Remember to leave Developer options to turn on.



Remove Unused Apps

Each Android app will take some memory to run on your mobile. So increased apps on your mobile will slow down your mobile.

So Uninstall or Remove unused apps from your android mobile.



Remove Widgets

Widgets on your Android mobile home screen will also take some memory. So remove unused widgets from home screen.


How to Remove Widget from Home Screen:

  • First, Unlock your mobile.
  • Then, press and hold an app icon which is want to remove.
  • Now, you will see Remove button or Delete icon on home screen.
  • Finally, Drag the app to delete icon.



Turn Bluetooth off

Bluetooth requires less amount of power and memory. But turn off Bluetooth when not use, may improve the speed of your mobile.



Close down apps

Closing off your recent apps also increases the performance of your android mobile.


Restart your device

Restart also solve some common mobile slow down problems. Press and hold the power button, then select the Restart option to restart your android mobile.

You can also switch off and switch on your mobile to restart.



Please Note: Only use below solutions if the above methods will not work.

Factory Reset

Factory Reset or Hard Reset delete all your mobile data like media, contacts, and apps etc. So before resetting your mobile, make sure backup all your data.

There are many methods available to reset your Android phone.

The best method is from the settings menu.

Go to Settings > Backup & Reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset Phone > Erase Everything


Go to Settings > System > Reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset Phone > Erase Everything



Update Software

Update Software to the latest version is a good solution for any Android or other mobiles to speed up the performance.

But some mobiles work slowly after the Software Update. Use this method only needed.



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