How to Hard Reset Jio Phone

You can easily Hard Reset JIO phone. We’ll go to explain how to reset your Jio phone.

Before Reset your Jio phone, Must be charged at least 30% to 60%. There should be no SIM card or memory card on the phone.


This process will erase all the data from your device’s internal storage, including personal files like photos, apps, contacts, etc.



What is Hard Reset?

Hard reset, also known as factory reset or master reset is a process of restoring your phone to its original manufacturer settings. Hard Reset is the most commonly used operation to repair a damaged or malfunctioning equipment or deletion of user data before the sale. This will give your phone a fresh start.



When Do You Need to Reset Your Device?

There are many reasons why you must factory reset your Jio phone.

  • When your phone is Running slow.
  • If you forgotten Phone Lock.
  • If you want to delete all the data from the phone.
  • If you Forgotten User Code.
  • If your Phone suddenly froze.
  • Before selling your device to a new owner.



Hard Reset Jio Phone

  • First, You should switch off your Jio Phone.
  • After that, Hold down the Navigation Up button + Power button {or} Call button and Power button.
  • Next, You will see the triangle on your mobile Screen.
  • Then press the power button to enter Recovery Menu.
  • Now choose Wipe Data/Factory Reset and Press the Power Button.
  • Next select Yes, Delete All User Data option and Press the Power Button.
  • Then Choose option Wipe Cache Partition and Press the Power Button.
  • Afterward, choose Reboot option.
  • Now, wait until JIO reboot successfully.



Factory Reset Jio Phone

  • First, You should switch on your Jio Phone.
  • Go to the Setting menu.
  • After that, Find and select Backup and Reset option.
  • Now choose Factory Data Reset option.
  • Next select option Erase Everything.
  • Then wait for a while, Your Mobile reboot successfully.



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