Setup Face Lock to Unlock Android Phone

Android provides many ways to unlock your phone PIN, password, pattern or swipe. But you can also unlock your Android phone with your face.

Face Unlock is Android’s One of the best new features. Face Unlock works surprisingly well on the new Android phones. As the facial recognition software becomes more sophisticated, it becomes more affordable and appears in most of our electronic devices.


How Fack Unlock Works?

Face Unlock is very easy to use, just turn on the device and see the front-facing camera. You‘ll see an area in the middle of the screen to capture your face, put your self in the way you did when you set up Face Unlock.

By default, you have to turn on the phone’s screen to get the face unlock work, but the screen lights will be unlocked every time you receive a notification. Every time it allows you to unlock the face automatically.

Note: however, that the battery flows a bit faster.

If you get an error message that the phone does not recognize you, it will automatically default to the backup unlock method. Either input your PIN or complete the Pattern and the phone will unlock.



Setup Face Lock (Unlock Android)

  • First, open settings menu on your android mobile.
  • Then tap on the Security option.
  • Next, Choose¬†the option Screen lock and Select Face id option.
  • Then you will see add a trusted face menu appears on your screen.
  • Keep the top of your head and the button of your chin within the circle.
  • After that, the System automatically scans your face.
  • Then Choose Done option.


Face Lock is not safe as fingerprint or pin unlock


The Face Unlocking feature here is not safe as fingerprint or pin unlock because it can be deceptive in your image. You should always use fingerprint or pin protection. This option is not as fast and convenient as a fingerprint sensor. Because for this, you always have to align your face to unlock the device.



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