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Really changed in recent days. In the past, listening to the news was like watching your television, listening to the radio, or reading newspapers.

There are many apps available in the app store that will give you the best news updates. It’s easy to ignore the world around you, but the news is everywhere including on your phone.

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Google News

The Google News app is known for providing relevant content in the News Feed by using A.I. Procedures. The Full Coverage feature provides a complete picture of how to report a story from various sources.

Google News Offered By Google LLC. A smart News app built for every phone, everywhere. This is one of the few Android news apps.

  • Google News is designed to meet the needs of users with different phones and connection levels
  • The Full Coverage feature provides a complete picture of how to report a story from various sources.
  • The Newsstand tab makes it easy to find and follow sources you trust, as well as browse and discover new ones
  • Our briefing updates throughout the day with five daily news articles hosted by Google News for you.

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November 26, 20191B+15M
DeveloperContent RatingOffered By
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway,
Mountain View 94043
Rated for 18+Google LLC


If you’re looking for an amalgamation of interesting news and entertainment, the Reddit News Feed for the Android app is perfect for you. Reddit has a very engaged community and also has a chat option. This is one of the few Android news apps.

  • Powered by Reddit People. Your communities update and narrow down posts to highlight the most interesting and relevant content.
  • You can share your passion for your favorite books, movies, video games, sports, TV shows, music and technology with millions of people who share your interests.
  • You can join any community you are interested in, get your news, ask for advice, discuss sports and give your opinion
  • Chat and Community Group Chat are now available on the official Reddit app
  • Help other people find the best stories, videos, pics, games and news by uploading photos, posting memes, providing stories, joining discussions, and updating and reducing posts.

Additional Information

December 4, 2019 10M+ Varies with device
DeveloperContent RatingOffered By
548 Market St # 16093 San Francisco CA 94104 US Rated for 12+ reddit Inc

BBC News

The BBC News Channel is known for displaying unbiased and groundbreaking news, so the BBC app is the best unbiased news app for the Android platform. It also offers round-the-clock video coverage, though it depends on the location. This is one of the few Android news apps.

  • The app can point to your location, the stories you’ve seen recently, and the contents of the news now.
  • It now offers a full story selection from the newsroom.
  • Stay on top of the popular stories and videos throughout the BBC that are updated regularly throughout the day.
  • Push notifications for the latest important news stories
  • Share stories to your social networks
  • Photo galleries and full-screen images
  • Read the best journalism from BBC correspondents

Additional Information

October 29, 2019 10M+ Varies with device
DeveloperContent RatingOffered By
BBC Worldwide Limited
Television Centre 101 Wood Lane London W12 7FA
Rated for 3+ BBC Worldwide (Ltd)

Microsoft News

Microsoft News, formerly known as MSN News, is definitely the strongest content for the best Android News app. Signing up with a Microsoft account brings forward personalized news, synced with other platforms – This is one of the few News apps.

  • Excellent range of trustworthy sources
  • That’s meaningful news. Well organized. Easy to use
  • Great news app that collects articles from sources you want
  • Awesome app that syncs on computer, mobile and tablet
  • You choose which topics matter most to you

Additional Information

December 3, 2019 1M+ Varies with device
DeveloperContent RatingOffered By
One Microsoft Way Rated for 3+ Microsoft Corporation


The Feedly Android app is very fast at updating content. People use Feedly to read blogs, learn new things, and track keywords, brands and companies. Feedly offers some suggestions, but the news app is not centered around it.

  • Every day, millions of professionals and passionate learners follow Feedly on their phones and tablets, blogs, magazines and other resources.
  • You can easily manage and share your publications, blogs, YouTube channels and more in one place.
  • From tech to business, design to marketing, media and beyond, Feedly helps you find great feeds that you can manage and read in one place.

Additional Information

November 27, 2019 5M+ 23M
DeveloperContent RatingOffered By
805 Veterans Boulevard, Suite 109, Redwood City, CA 94063 Rated for 3+ Feedly Team

News Break

News Break’s simple interface makes it easy to share content across social media platforms. Read Breaking News for the most important local, national and international stories. News Break for the easy local fare you choose for yourself or choose the topics and writers you care about the most.

  • Follow the authors or topics you care about most
  • Beautifully integrated presentation of photo galleries and videos
  • Tap or swipe to navigate between stories
  • Clean, simple design gives you fast access
  • Save articles to read at your leisure in your offline My News list
  • Get straight to the scoop with News Break’s ad-free, uninterrupted reading experience

Additional Information

March 29, 2019 1,000+ 1.3M
DeveloperContent RatingOffered By
1355 Mountain Ave. Winnipeg, MB, R2X 3B6 CANADA Rated for 3+ Winnipeg Free Press


InShorts is an Indian startup that gradually aligns with other top Android news apps because it has a unique sense of news. India’s best Android News app has gradually become a tool for bombarding ads and sponsored content.

  • Search lets you find something small, recent, or old by typing a keyword into the search box
  • Original story is just a click away
  • Get limited daily notifications for important news and breaking news of the day
  • Facebook, WhatsApp, Reddit, Hike, e-mail and other social platforms are supported

Additional Information

November 12, 2019 10M Varies with device
DeveloperContent RatingOffered By
NA Rated for 3+ Inshorts


Smart News is one of the newest news apps. Smart News has been able to put its impression on the best news apps for Android. It basically looks at a ton of News sources and recommends top things. Smart News delivers high-quality news headlines and breaking news from top news publishers

  • Quickly browse the headlines, customize your channels and read the news offline.
  • Smart News is an excellent free alternative to other popular news app
  • Notifications for Breaking News Highlights.
  • Fetch trending news and read it offline
  • Readability mode for optimal news reading experience

Additional Information

December 3, 2019 10M Varies with device
DeveloperContent RatingOffered By
NA Rated for 3+ SmartNews, Inc.

AP News

AP News is a good news app for Android. The UI is serviceable and clean and you can find news on sports, entertainment, travel, technology and more.

  • The app is completely free with ads
  • This is one of the few Android News apps.
  • The trusted news source is the Associated Press for Breaking News Delivery

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October 28, 2019 1M+ 9.5M
DeveloperContent RatingOffered By
200 Liberty Street New York,
NY 10281
Rated for 3+ The Associated Press


Flipboard has established itself as one of the most popular news apps for both Android and iOS. Flipboard is one of the most popular news apps. Access content from around the world and curate the content you care about the most.

  • Keep up with the latest highlights and trending events in our daily roundup of important articles and personalized news stories
  • Gather stories around specific themes and add them to individual magazines
  • Get personalized news about your interests from the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Forbes
  • Explore emerging lifestyle trends
  • Choose your interests and create a smart magazine for each topic feed

Additional Information

November 22, 2019 500M+ Varies with device
DeveloperContent RatingOffered By
NA Rated for 3+ Flipboard

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